What is Postpartum Depression definition

Depression is a state of sadness, one of its variants, those that affect women when they become mothers is known as postpartum depression.

After giving birth, the woman sometimes becomes melancholy and sad

She gets a feeling of guilt (the mother should be happy , but she isn’t), so she loses her appetite, has altered sleep, anxiety and lack of energy . At the same time, the responsibility towards the newborn can negatively influence causing a despondency. We must not forget that the arrival of a child brings a radical change in the mother’s life. Either way, depression is transient, and usually clears up within a few weeks.

Usually this type of depression happens in the first weeks of the newborn’s life.

However, in some cases, specialists in obstetrics and psychology advise some type of therapy to treat this syndrome (it is sometimes considered a disease ). On the other hand, it is important that the woman is committed to the treatment. Another possibility of treatment is the use of medication, as postpartum depression coincides with the breastfeeding period and there may be incompatibility between these circumstances.

From a biological point of view, postpartum depression is related to the hormonal change that a woman undergoes after pregnancy. We know that the biochemistry of the female organism changes considerably during and after pregnancy and this process has consequences for the mood.

Although postpartum depression is quite common, there are some risk factors : the mother’s personal situation, family history of depression or lack of support from the partner.

According to experts, this type of depression influences the mother’s personality , hormonal aspects and social circumstances. For the aspects of postpartum depression to be viewed positively, experts recommend that the mother has information about this subject and overcome them without major problems. It is also recommended that a mother who suffers from postpartum depression talks to other mothers who have experienced the same problem. Postpartum Depression

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