What is Positive Thinking definition/concept

With the ability to think, the human being can solve problems and manage daily life. The thinking human is complex and is analyzed in different subjects: in neuroscience, philosophy and psychology. However, there is general agreement on two possible variables or trends: negative thinking and positive thinking. Logically, the second is desirable while the first has a destructive ingredient.

From the various disciplines, positive thinking is understood as a strategy to improve the quality of life  and for people to feel satisfied with themselves. There is agreement on the benefits of this direction of thinking, as it demonstrates that it is beneficial for mental balance and health in a global sense.

Recommendations for positive thinking

There are many thoughts on how to achieve the desired positive thinking. It is part of a very current trend: the various methods of self-help. In line with this type of reflection, we are going to present some recommendations that may be useful. Positive Thinking

  • – Assess our personal circumstances as well as our qualities.
  • – Avoid dramatic ideas, fantasies and any form of negative exaggeration.
  • – Relating as little as possible to negative people, as their influence has a toxic and contagious element.
  • – Do what gives you pleasure as much as possible.
  • – Reward yourself when you reach a goal as a self-stimulation mechanism.
  • – Establish a permanent and sincere internal dialogue (which is traditionally remembered as “know thyself”).
  • – Try not to act in a hypocritical way, as this is a harmful contradiction that opposes self-esteem .
  • – Be balanced and not be fooled by unfounded excuses or justifications.
  • – Train positivity as if it were a muscle that must be exercised so that it does not become weak.
  • – See the bright side of reality .

Lastly, remember that positive thinking is more than a series of recipes or phrases that sound  good. In reality, it is an attitude towards life, a way to be guided by a stimulus in the search for healthy pleasure and to avoid suffering. Positive Thinking

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