What is Polyphagy definition/concept

The power is one of the pillars of the welfare of the human body. However, different pathologies related to food can occur. For example, polyphagia: a condition that causes the patient to feel compulsive and regular hunger, in this way, he eats in excess, in unrecommended doses and gains weight. Polyphagy

Causes to look out for

This desire to eat as a consequence of excessive hunger can be caused by different factors, such as hormonal causes, or psychological factors. The person suffering from this pathology focuses their routine mainly on satisfying this desire to eat. And not satisfied, she eats in large quantities. However, it is a momentary satisfaction. Polyphagia produces constant changes in a person’s mood.

One of the most frequent reasons for polyphagia is anxiety

For example, there is a big difference between eating from hunger and from anxiety. However, often, patients living with anxiety take time to identify that food is just a desire to fill an inner void. In many cases, psychological support is needed to overcome this emotional problem in order for the patient to learn to identify the emotions and feelings behind the urge to eat. Polyphagy

In other cases, this change in eating habits and increased uncontrolled appetite can also be a side effect in relation to taking medication. In this case, the doctor may prescribe the patient a different treatment or reduce the dose of medication he was taking. However, the patient should never take a medication on their own decision. Any changes must be carried out under the supervision of the professional.

In some cases, for example during pregnancy, polyphagia can cause a hormonal change. During pregnancy, it is common for pregnant women to feel more appetite and cravings during the first and third trimesters of pregnancy. In this case, the data is contextualized in a particular context. Polyphagy

When hunger is concentrated in the mind

In this type of situation, the desire to eat is accompanied by urgently meeting your psychological needs, more than your physical ones. This occurs, for example, when polyphagia is caused by stress or depression. Polyphagy

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