What is Political Judgment definition/concept

Citizens who exercise high-level public representation functions are subject to compliance with the law like any other citizen . In addition, civil servants can also be politically tried by a nation’s parliament if they carry out their duties irregularly or unlawfully. Political Judgment

The objective of a political judgment is clear and evident: to demand political and/or administrative responsibilities from all public servants who behave contrary to the general interest or who act outside the law. In other words, it is about placing legal limits on possible abuses of power.

In government terminology, political judgment and impeachment are equivalent terms. It should be noted, on the other hand, that in democratic countries, the representatives of the legislative power have the function of controlling those who have the executive power . Political Judgment

ethics and politics

The concept of political judgment can be understood from a philosophical perspective. In this sense, thinkers such as Aristotle, Locke or Hobbes understood that political activity should be based on ethics . In other words, everything related to the exercise of political power, which cannot be outside ethics.

The origin of the concept must be historically located in the English parliament

In the 17th century, the English monarch Charles I was accused of tyranny and betrayal of the fatherland by the House of Commons. The parliamentary forces formed a court that tried the monarch and the sentence definitively applied was the death penalty. In this way, the power of the British parliament set limits on the nation’s supreme authority.

In the absolute monarchies of other times, the principle of the divine origin of the monarch was maintained, therefore, he was exempt from political responsibility , as he was considered a deity. Political Judgment

The removal and execution of Carlos I are considered a historical and legal precedent for the current political trials or impeachment.

The constitutional texts of most nations include a series of laws and procedures to limit political power.

In order for a government official to be judged by the members of a parliament, it is necessary to strictly respect all the procedures established by law. In this way, it seeks to prevent members of parliament from acting arbitrarily against the executive branch.

Finally, the idea of ​​political judgment must be evaluated as a measure of public health so that laws can govern a nation and not men. Political Judgment

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