What is Plateau definition/concept/elaboration

A plateau is called a type of relief characterized by its height and for being flat. In fact, the plateau is a plain that is approximately four hundred meters above sea level. This type of formation can be found in several parts of the world and is the result of certain existing phenomena that act on the terrain. Plateaus need several years to form, as their process is slow and can take millions of years. Generally, the use of the term plateau means that it is above sea level, but there are also subterranean plateaus, portions of the earth’s crust that are below the sea and with a considerably shallower depth than the surrounding areas.

In the case of continental plateaus, they are mainly formed by two types of processes: the action of tectonic plates and erosion. In fact, it can be said that the plateaus are extensions of a terrain that was once mountains, but that due to time and the erosion of winds and rivers, a flat surface was formed above sea level. In this sense, it is perhaps important to remember that mountains are formed by the collision of tectonic plates, causing an elevation of the terrain. Plateaus have been going through this process for many years, even before the formation of mountains, and within this period of time they have suffered a greater amount of erosion. Plateau

In the case of oceanic plateaus, its origin is also due to the separation of the plates from the earth’s crust. In fact, there are impact areas where the plates collide to form mountains as well as the separation of the plates. These areas of separation are found in the sea, and there is also volcanic activity. Thus, the magma flows from the interior of the earth to the ocean and after contact with the water it cools and slowly forms an area of ​​lesser depth than the nearby ones. In fact, over time, this process formed islands that are inhabited today. Plateau

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