What is Plant Kingdom definition/concept

The set of plants and algae form the plant kingdom and range from tiny microscopic beings to immense trees weighing several tons. The plant kingdom is essential for the survival of animals, in turn, it is crucial for the sustainability of the planet as a whole.

The kingdom Plantae have in common a number of features: it is formed by organisms eukaryotes and multicellular autotrophic as well as its predominant sexual reproduction is type.

The role of the plant kingdom in nature

The green color of plants occurs due to the effect of chlorophyll, which in turn is responsible for photosynthesis, which is why plants produce organic tissue that feeds the planet directly or indirectly.

Plants use sunlight to form tissue and to break down water molecules, capturing carbon dioxide from the air and releasing the oxygen we breathe into the atmosphere . In fact, the planet’s entire plant life releases thousands of tons of oxygen into the atmosphere every second. Without this continuous process, life as we know it would cease to exist. Plant Kingdom


Plants and algae are classified according to the dual model, as plants are cryptograms or phanerogams

The former do not have sexual organs while the phanerogams do. There is another dichotomy, more specifically the talophyta or the cormophyta (a plant can be considered a talophyta when it has a stem, whereas a cormophyta does not have a well-defined stem, leaf and root). Following these dichotomies, plants are either avascular (without conducting tissues) or vascular (with conducting tissues).

Through this series of dichotomies it is possible to establish a classification for the vegetable kingdom. In the first place we have algae (most of them are green, but there is a small group that is red, rodophytas). Another type of plant is bryophyta, better known as mosses. Pteridophytes form another subgroup and a clear example are ferns. The group of spermatophytas is formed by plants that have pollen and seeds. Lastly, angiosperms are flowering plants. Plant Kingdom

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