What is Pimping definition/concept/elaboration

When a person freely decides to engage in prostitution, his activity is not considered against the law. However, when someone obtains an economic benefit from engaging in the prostitution of another person, they are committing the crime of pimping. The individual who promotes the sex trade of other people for the purpose of profit is a pimp.

In most countries pimping is prosecuted by law as it is considered a form of exploitation.

A concept that has evolved throughout history

In ancient Greece, the pimp was the man who engaged in business intermediation or the slave trade. It can be said that it was a commission agent.

In Roman civilization, the pimping business expanded and began to relate to those who profited by employing female slaves as prostitutes. In theory, this activity was severely punished by law, but in practice Roman prostitutes were able to carry on their activity normally.

In the Middle Ages, pimp work was normally performed by women, who were known as alcahuetas.

This activity consisted of putting a man in contact with a woman in exchange for money. The character Celestina from “The Tragicomedy of Callisto and Melibea” is a clear example of this activity.

As time went by, new figures emerged, such as the pimp and the madam. The pimp, also known as macarra, protected the prostitute from customers and in return received a gratuity. The madame was the woman who organized the activity of a brothel and, of course, had financial compensation for it. Currently, pimping is related to mafias that engage in trafficking in women.

the phenomenon of prostitution

It has often been stated that prostitution is the oldest craft in the world. Its practice has always been controversial. On the one hand, it is an activity contrary to the moral criteria accepted by the majority. On the other hand, prostitution is directly related to certain crimes, such as pimping or human trafficking.

There are several approaches to this phenomenon. For prohibitionists, this is a social evil , therefore, those who engage in prostitution should be treated as criminals. But there are less strict postures, as it is believed that prostitution should not be prohibited or even legalized, only pimping should be considered a crime , because in this way a person profits from the sexual activity of another.

From another perspective, it is proposed to regulate prostitution and consider it a work activity like any other.

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