What is Photogenic definition/concept

When a person is photographed, two different situations can occur: the individual does well or not. People who normally have a good image are called photogenic.

Photogenic is not necessarily related to beauty

There are people who are objectively attractive, yet their image in the photos doesn’t look good. Likewise, another person who is not very attractive may offer a good image of himself. Thus, it can be said that photogenics is a small mystery.

It is possible to learn to be photographed, for this there are photogenic courses

In these courses there are a series of practical recommendations. In the first place , it is important to pose properly before the camera. In this sense, it is necessary that the distance between the photographer and the subject is adequate, neither too close nor too far, in addition, the light must be ideal at the time of shooting. Photographers recommend taking into account the individual’s physical characteristics (eg, hiding a physical defect). Photogenic

Obviously the position of the body is a key aspect and another position is suggested. The frontal image is not always the one that best enhances the physical appearance of the subject.

Photographers also recommend placing your feet correctly, wearing appropriate clothing, applying good makeup and not lowering your face

It is convenient that these and other small details are supervised by a good photographer, who knows how to hide possible defects and highlight the qualities of the subject. Such recommendations are useful for anyone, but especially for those who are professional models. Photogenic

In summary , the photograph of the human body and face must be harmonious and pleasing to the eye and some guidelines are very useful.

the look in photography

The look of an individual expresses their state of mind and personality . To be photogenic, it is advisable not to forget that there is a general principle, which photographers know how to manage: the law of the gaze. According to this law, the photographic framing of a face must have more free space in its front.

On the other hand, there are other laws: the law of the horizon and the law of thirds. All of them are of great importance for a person’s face to become photogenic.

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