What is Phosphorus definition/concept

Our body’s cells contain essential minerals and one of the most abundant is phosphorus. It is a mineral that fulfills several health-related functions. It should be noted that all living organisms need phosphorus to survive. After calcium is the most abundant mineral in our body. Of the total phosphorus in our body, 85% are found in bones and the remaining 15% are part of other vital functions.

Identifying Your Basic Functions

Facilitates the formation of teeth and bones. Helps in the formation of muscle tissue. Provides energy . Participates in enzyme formation. It intervenes in the process of transmission of nerve impulses. Consequently, phosphorus is a good ally to maintain health. Thus, when consuming foods with phosphorus, the levels of bad cholesterol are reduced, there is an improvement in the metabolism , it helps children’s growth, enhances memory and the ability to concentrate.

In food and in the food industry

Foods containing phosphorus are as follows: poultry, seafood, fish, eggs, corn, brown rice, meat and quinoa. On the other hand, phosphorus is present in the food industry, as it is used in the form of supplements (for example, in sodium or potassium phosphate salts, they can be used as supplements, as well as emulsifiers or in the treatment of flour, sausages and processed cheese ).


Nutrition experts recommend its consumption in adequate doses. In this sense, the recommended daily amounts are as follows: for children between 1 and 3 years old, 460 mg/day should be ingested, between 4 and 8 years old a total of 500 mg/day, while adults need to consume 1250 mg/day.

When phosphorus is consumed excessively, a number of changes occur: cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis, digestive problems and problems in Organs internal organs.

If consumption is insufficient, there are also consequences. In the first place , causes weakness and lack of energy. On the other hand, breathing is irregular, there is loss of appetite and weight, appear caries, children can suffer rickets and state of anxiety , as well as nervous type of disorders and tremors.

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