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Animal behavior research has shown that animals have similar emotions to humans. From a legal point of view, animals are considered to have certain rights that must be respected. A growing number of people have decided not to eat meat, as they show their respect for animals in this way. PETA

Certain animal shows are being heavily criticized and are considered violent and bloody. The examples mentioned remind us that in recent years humanity as a whole has changed its mentality in relation to the animal kingdom .

In this context, several institutions such as PETA have emerged, whose acronyms more precisely mean “People for the Ethics in the Treatment of Animals” and which in English is equivalent to “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”.

A non-profit organization that fights for the welfare of animals

PETA was created in 1980 and the main focus of its activity is to claim the rights of animals. Its headquarters are located in the city of Norfolk, in the state of Virginia, more specifically on the east coast.

The activities promoted by PETA collaborators and activists have a claim character. In this sense, all kinds of abuses are denounced: animal experimentation, the recreational use of species to satisfy human leisure, the use of fur clothing, animal fights, excessive meat consumption, intense animal husbandry on farms or farms, in short, any type of human conduct that degrades animals.

PETA’s activism

The activists of this organization are forceful and energetic in their fight for the rights of animals. They believe that meat consumption is associated with an unjustified killing. They understand that slaughterhouses are sinister places from which they carry out atrocious crimes.

For PETA activists, whaling, bullfighting and cockfighting are immoral activities that should be banned. Logically, its members and sympathizers believe that human beings do not behave ethically with animals and, for this reason, a change of mentality in the whole of humanity is necessary.

Do animals have rights?

Those who share PETA’s theses believe that animals have rights and that they must be respected. However, there are contrary opinions that say no to animal rights, as every right implies an obligation and, logically, this criterion can only be applied to human beings. On the other hand, if an animal cannot differentiate between good and evil, it makes no sense to claim that animals have rights.

In addition to the ethical and legal debate on this issue, it is worth remembering that December 10th is International Animal Rights Day.

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