What is Perjury definition/concept/elaboration

There is an act that is sometimes performed in human communication . Swearing an information with the intention of giving greater strength to a truth and absolute certainty. However, human psychology does not prevent an oath from appearing to be totally false, even expressed with apparent conviction. Perjury

In this type of situation, the act of perjury is committed, which can be characteristic of a serious crime, for example, in the case of a trial in which the witness is obliged to tell the truth. In this case, there is a violation of the act of swearing to the truth.

Furthermore, perjury is a conscious act of not being consistent with what was promised at the time.

Obviously this is relative to adults. For example, a child who is not yet fully aware of the consequences of truth or lie may fall into the mistake of saying something he thought was right, but which is not. However, this type of innocent gesture does not hide perjury in the form of an adult, mature and responsible action.

Strictly speaking, perjury means lying, knowing that you are committing an act by mistake and that you are faced with a legal oath that therefore obliges you to tell the truth within the context of clarifying the facts. When a witness is involved in a lawsuit, he has a legal and moral obligation to tell the truth. When this obligation is not fulfilled, you can be sued for the legal consequences of this mistake.

It should be noted that, usually, those who are directly involved in a legal case cannot tell the truth as an act of self-defense that is part of the trial protocol, where even a guilty person has the right to defend himself legally. At the very least, defendants have the right not to respond to certain information.

false testimony

Perjury is qualified as perjury, a serious crime committed for the consequences of an investigation . However, some people are not aware of this, that is, it is not given the importance it deserves to this act, which is not only legally censored, but also from the point of view of personal ethics.

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