What is Peeling definition/concept/elaboration

Peeling is an aesthetic treatment, with a facial nature, which, contrary to lifting, is a non-invasive treatment that does not require surgery. This is one of the reasons why it is most demanded.

The lifting is performed in beauty salons where specialized professionals work. This technique is very valuable for treating the first wrinkles through deep hydration. It is also possible to correct skin blemishes.

facial peel

Through this exfoliation method , the professional deposits a substance on the facial skin to eliminate impurities and dead cells.

Through the peeling produced with the use of specific products on the skin, new layers are regenerated. That way you get a shiny, stretched, hydrated face with an even color. Peeling

There are many factors that influence the choice of the type of and most suitable for each type of patient, as well as the number of sessions recommended: the characteristics of the skin type, the person’s age and the dermatological condition . Peeling is also highly recommended to treat acne problems.

The medium superficial peeling can be performed without the application of anesthesia. The frequency of sessions in an aesthetic treatment of this type can be weekly, biweekly or monthly.

This treatment is particularly recommended to treat the first lines of expression that are reinforced in the glabella and forehead region. They can even produce visible effects in the treatment of enlarged pores.

However, when you decide to carry out a treatment of this type, it is very important to carry it out in a center of prestige and solid trajectory. Inform yourself not only of the pros, but of the risks as well. This type of treatment is indicated in cases of physiological or solar aging. Peeling

superficial peel

The most common type of peel is superficial. A treatment indicated to treat pores, scars and marks caused by acne. Produces skin rejuvenation.

Medium peeling is specifically indicated for the treatment of spots caused by the sun. Deep peeling is indicated to treat medium and deep wrinkles.

Beauty is a concept that plays a major role in society, where youth and aesthetics are values ​​that bind the image.

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