What is Pedigree definition/concept/elaboration

The pedigree concept refers to the genealogy of animals. In other words, an animal’s pedigree is achieved through breeding techniques and genetic manipulation to have the purity of the animal’s breed. All this means that an animal with a pedigree is one that has not suffered any type of genetic alteration in its breed, therefore, this animal retains all the genuine characteristics of its breed.

On the other hand, pedigree is understood as the specific document that expresses the data that confirm and guarantee the authenticity of the animal in relation to its breed.

A clarification on the spelling of the term

Regarding the term, we can find two different and valid spellings: pedigree and pedigrí. The first version comes from English and in turn was incorporated into French, more specifically to the expression “pied de grue” (leg of crane). This is due to the English cattlemen who used to mark the animals with three straight lines, a symbol similar to the paws of a crane. The original expression in French is not easy to pronounce for the English, so they adapted this Gallicism to the English language. The term pedigrí is the Castilian form of the English word.

The pedigree market

The interest in obtaining a good pedigree of certain animal breeds is due to several reasons. For a rancher or herder it is important that their animals have the best possible breed quality , a circumstance that translates into greater productivity and economic benefit.

Due to the high cost of producing pedigree animals, their prices on the market are highly valued for lovers or breeders who are professionally dedicated to it. For this reason, some specimens of certain species can be expensive, as shown by competition horses, stallions, other animal contests, etc.

Although the pedigree is a legitimate attempt to preserve and improve the purity of a breed, it should not be forgotten that some pedigree animal breeds are not free from physical problems, as is the case with some dog breeds with respiratory, allergic or mobility problems. , as a result of an artificial crossing of breeds (bulldog, boxers, among others).

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