What is Paraphilia definition/concept/elaboration

Human sexual activity has many aspects: reproduction, the affective dimension,  eroticism, pornography, morality associated with sex and a wide range of perspectives. Simply put, it can be said that intercourse and sexual foreplay are the main sources of pleasure. However, sexual pleasure goes further as it can happen in many ways. Thus, all sexual and erotic tendencies other than the conventional ones with which they can give pleasure are known as paraphilia. In relation to the word paraphilia, this comes from the Greek (plus) and philia,  meaning love.

Specialists in sexual  behavior classify paraphilia as a fixation, that is, they are sexual tendencies related to a desire.

There are several types of paraphilia and each one of them has its own denomination.

Fetishism is the attraction to some part of the human body, for example, the feet, armpits or hands. Masochism provokes sexual excitement through the use of some violence . There are people who enjoy using a foul language known as coprolalia. The list of paraphilias is wide: acrotomophilia (attraction to people who have amputated limbs), ephebophilia (attraction to teenagers), amaurophilia (sexual arousal of the person by the partner who is not able to see her), amomaxia (attraction to having sex in the car). Paraphilia

Several ways to understand paraphilias

There is not a single assessment of paraphilia. For some, these are more or less flamboyant curious or “strange” sexual tendencies. Others consider that paraphilia expresses some kind of obsessive disorder.

From a moral point of view , they can be evaluated as deviations, perversion or sinful ways of understanding sexuality. Certain paraphilias are so striking that they are related to unhealthy  behaviors, for example, consueronophilia consists of sewing parts of the body to obtain pleasure; and hemotigolagnia (pleasure for freshly spilled blood). Paraphilia

A different approach to paraphilias

In the Spanish film of 2016, “Kiki, o amor se faz” (Kiki, o amor se faz) the  theme of paraphilia is approached through a different perspective: humor. The main characters in this film have several paraphilias, but within the story these curious sexual tendencies appear in an amusing  context and with a carefree treatment, without moral evaluations.

The film communicates a very clear  message: each individual experiences sexual pleasure in their own way and each person has their own something strange. Paraphilia

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