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The wetland is an ecosystem in which water is the basic element. The term is often used in the plural: wetlands, as there are several types: swamps, lakes, streams, ponds, etc. It can be fresh or salt water and as an ecosystem it is threatened by several dangers. Pantanal

In most cases, wetlands are areas covered with water and shallow. They are important because they serve to contain the floods of rivers and because they inhabit ecologically important bird species. The main danger of this ecosystem is the drainage carried out to dry the soil in order to use the land for cultivation or for the construction of houses.

Far from these natural elements, one must remember that there are aspects that are not evident at first glance

Like the microalgae that are found in the depths and that play an essential role in the balance of the  environment. On the other hand, wetlands have great cultural landscape value and are a high-end tourist attraction (for example, the Natural Park of Doñana in Spain, the Eastern Chacos in Argentina or the Nariva swamp in Trinidad and Tobago). Pantanal

The professionals specialized in wetlands are the forest engineers, who carry out various studies on their maintenance and preservation.

Currently, there is an improvement in artificial wetlands through the purification of wastewater from domestic or industrial use.

Wetlands at risk

There are many wetlands that are threatened by some danger, both those on the mainland and those on the coast.

Abandoned industrial areas are places that present various dangers. In some cases, what is tried is to transform the land into places destined for pasture. On the other hand, what is sought is to use the water to fill dams or canals. The use of water is probably the biggest danger in this ecosystem (some mining companies are those that promote the extraction of water). Pantanal

Endangered wetlands are found in rest and summer areas such as the wetlands of Puerto Rey in Almeria.

In spite of the fragility and the countless dangers that exist in the swamps, the ecological conscience of the whole planet has created associations and entities specifically destined to its preservation. Pantanal

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