What is Pansexual definition/concept

In Greek the prefix pan means all, so the word pansexual literally means all sex. In this sense, it should be noted that the existence of pansexualism as an interpretation of human reality .

Pansexualism and psychoanalysis

Freud is the intellectual father of psychoanalysis, a therapeutic current in psychology and at the same time a philosophical approach to human existence. In Freud’s analysis, sexuality has a unique role and proof of this are the evaluations of the Oedipus complex, the libido or Eros and Thanatos as two impulses or instincts that are part of the human condition.

In a way, for Freud and psychoanalysis in general, everything is linked to sexuality, desires, motivation and defense mechanisms. Consciously or unconsciously we are sexual beings and the sexual impulse is present in everyday life, culture and art.

a pansexual person

The pansexual is that person , man or woman, who lives sexuality with intensity and who normally has a sexual appetite for people of any sex or sexual orientation. In this way, the pansexual is one who does not discriminate against anyone sexually, as he feels interest in anyone. It can be said that pansexual pushes bisexuality to the limit. In bisexuality, male or female preferences are important, whereas in pansexualism the difference between male and female is irrelevant.

When someone defines themselves as pansexual, they imply three ideas:

1) that sex is a priority in your life and is somehow completely involved;

2) who have an open attitude towards sex and are not limited to conventional relationships;

3) who have sexual addiction.

As we can see, there are several meanings that pansexualism can have.

Critics and Defenders

From a social point of view , pansexual behavior is sometimes considered a paraphilia, that is, a disorder of sexual behavior . There are those who understand that pansexualism is a deviant behavior , but there are other positions that claim pansexuality as a way of understanding sex based on individual freedom and that goes beyond the traditional .

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