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The accounts of Greek mythology have two dimensions, as they allow us to know an important part of Greek culture in antiquity and, at the same time, serve to decipher some keys to Western culture itself. Pandora

The story of Pandora and her mysterious box

In Greek mythology Prometheus was one of the main titans and in turn a friend of humans. Through a trick Prometheus made fire appear to the god Zeus to offer it to men. In this way, Zeus decided to take revenge and had the first woman on Earth created to give to Prometheus as a poisoned gift. The created woman was Pandora and the gods bestow on her beauty , wisdom and other talents.

In addition, Pandora received an unopened box with the order not to open it and give it to Prometheus as a wedding gift.

When Pandora and her box presented themselves before Prometheus, he refused them both, because he suspected something strange. Pandora left and approached Epimetheus, the brother of Prometheus. Pandora

Despite Prometheus’ warnings, his brother surrendered to Pandora’s charms and opened the box she carried. From this box came all the evils that affected humans such as war, hunger and calamities. Evils quickly dispersed across the Earth and the box only remained in hope as the only good that could affect men.

The Meaning of Pandora and Her Box in Western Culture

There is not a single interpretation of Pandora and her box, in fact, there are several messages in the mythological account.

Pandora symbolizes the beautiful and wicked woman who is able to lead men to perdition, something that reminds us of the biblical account of Adam and Eve, as well as of many stories and legends in which the woman symbolizes the threat of evil.

Pandora’s box represents the dangers that constantly haunt us. Thus, opening Pandora’s box is a metaphor that refers to all that it is better not to do. Therefore, if someone opens Pandora’s box, they have to know that the consequences will be negative.

Other words and expressions inspired by Greek mythology

Pandora’s account and her box serve to remind us that there are many everyday words based on Greek mythology. In this sense, we speak of Ave Fênix, chimeras, amazons, Ariadne’s thread, the Oedipus complex,  eroticism, King Midas or Morpheus. All these terms have the authentic meaning of the Greek mythological stories.

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