What is Palmistry definition/concept/elaboration

Scientific knowledge allows us to obtain answers about natural phenomena. However, there are many questions that cannot be explained with strictly scientific criteria. This limitation makes other knowledge and disciplines try to give us some kind of light. Palmistry

A technique of guessing through the hands

The reading of the hands is known as Palmistry. This word comes from the Greek and is formed by two elements: khéir which is equivalent to hand and mantéia which means divination. The art of palmistry has been practiced since antiquity, and China and India started this millenary tradition. Over time, both Greeks and Romans as well as the Hebrews adopted this technique of divination.

Palmist practitioners claim that planetary energies manifest in the hands. Thus, the shapes that surround the palm correspond to a planet (for example, on the side Mars is manifested, below the little finger is Mercury, and under the index finger is manifested the power of  Jupiter). Palmistry

In relation to the lines of the hand, there are three types: those that express the individual’s destiny , those related to his education and the secondary ones. Among them, the so-called lifeline stands out. Contrary to popular belief, the lifeline does not reveal how many years we are going to live, but rather the essence of the individual ‘s personality and vital force.

Another relevant aspect is the shape of the fingers. In this sense, it is said that people who have a separate thumb are very practical, that long, sharp fingers correspond to artistic skills, and fingers with marked joints indicate that the individual is reflective.

Practitioners of this discipline claim that the nerve endings in the hand are a reflection of each person’s brain activity . Anyway, the palmistry’s conclusions are not intended to be absolute certainty, but a simple orientation about the factors that condition the individual’s existence.

Like other forms or forms of divination, palmistry is considered a pseudoscience.

The range of guessing techniques is very wide. Geomancy interprets the future through the earth, hydromancy is based on the distribution of water, metoposcopy interprets facial wrinkles and ornithomancy is based on the meaning of the flight of birds. These and many other forecasting techniques are deeply ingrained in most cultures as they have been practiced for thousands of years.

Despite responding to the great concerns that affect human beings, the proposals are rejected by the scientific community.

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