What is Paleolithic Art/meaning/concept

The art of the Paleolithic period began in the Stone Age and ended in the Metal Age. This period is part of prehistory, a stage of humanity that does not have written witnesses (at that time there were no scriptures). Until then, humans were already considered homo sapiens and knew how to sculpt stones with skill, in addition to manipulating tools in a rudimentary way and creating artistic forms. Paleolithic Art

The scholars of this period called the first artistic manifestations as rock art , since the stone was the main element to carry out the different artistic manifestations. Paleolithic Art

The Mobile Art

During the Paleolithic men already manufactured some utensils intended for ornamentation, such as a rod or small figures made of bones.

These creations were called mobile art and have some characteristics in common: they were part of everyday life and men could use these decorative tools. Mobile art in the Paleolithic does not refer to tools employed as practical implements (for example, carved stones for hunting), but rather to elements that had a symbolic function . Paleolithic Art

From the point of view of art history, mobile art creations are considered the first plastic representations. As to their meaning, historians believe that, in most cases, these figures symbolize some idea (female fertility, protection from the dangers of nature or the wish for a good day of hunting).

the parietal art

Just as mobile art refers to sculpture, parietal art is related to painting Paleolithic Art

The Paleolithic man already drew and painted on various surfaces (wood chips, skins or stones). However, the only paintings left were done in caves and these creations were known as parietal art.

To make their drawings, they used their own fingers as brushes and the colors were made by combining blood and animal fat , mixed with resin and obtained from the trunks of trees. The main theme of the artists was the hunting world and their works represented the exploits of great hunters who faced wild boar, bison, among other wild animals. Paleolithic Art

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