What is Paintball definition/concept/elaboration

It is a form of entertainment popularized across the planet in recent years. To play paintball you need a playing field where two teams face off. There are two modalities: the simulation of a military confrontation and the paintball recball or sports version, also known as paintball speedball.

paintball recball

In its military modality, paintball is a playful way to experience the sensations of a real battle. In this game, two teams fight each other by throwing paintballs through compressed air guns. Players touched by paint are eliminated from the game and the winning team is the one that achieves a predetermined objective, for example, capturing the opponent’s flag or occupying an area.

Paintball recball is practiced outdoors, in natural scenarios or in terrains that simulate a military situation. Players wear military attire and the approach to a game can incorporate all sorts of variants, such as the recreation of real battles, counter-terrorism or military simulation in urban settings.

Paintball recball, whose name follows the abbreviation of Recreational Paintball, is a game based on the strategic movements of the players and in a good physical condition.

paintball speedball

It is the proper sporting modality, played all over the world and practiced by millions of followers. In it, two teams face off with compressed weapons or markers that throw colored paint balls at rivals. The winning team is the one that manages to reach the base of the opposing team without being impacted. It is carried out in an outdoor place with regulatory measures, with a part of the terrain for each team, with inflatable obstacles and with the intervention of a referee who enforces the rules.

Sport paintball or speedball is a very dynamic sport and is totally disconnected from the military spirit:

It is prohibited to wear camouflage clothing; it cannot shoot red ink, which can be associated with human blood, and it is not allowed to use aggressive behavior. In a five-on-five match there may be eight or nine referees, who must control compliance with the rules.

In some countries regional and national leagues are organized, and in Europe there is a competition between the best teams on the continent . The growing popularity of this sport means that in the near future it can become an Olympic sport.

Sports paintball is a strategy game that in some ways is similar to chess. Players move quickly, helping each other and avoiding attacks from the opposing team. It can be practiced at any age, by both men and women.

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