What is Osteocyte definition/concept/elaboration

Our bone system has three fundamental functions: it supports and shapes our body, it allows movement through its interaction with the muscular system, and it acts as a protector of our organs. This system is made up of bones connected to the joints. In relation to their structure , bones can be short, long, irregular or flat. Osteocyte

All of them are made up of two types of fabrics: a compact and a spongy one

Bone tissue is of the connective type and some of its characteristics are as follows: low number of cells, presence of  collagen and high calcium content. Osteocyte

Osteocytes are bone tissue cells

Bone tissue contains an intercellular substance in the form of small laminae. These blades have  collagen fibers that provide a hard consistency to the bone. In addition to the intercellular substance, bone tissue contains three types of cells: osteoblasts, osteocytes and osteoclasts.

It is a mature bone cell and its main function is to stimulate the mechanical movement of bones. These types of cells are the most abundant of the bone tissue and are housed in openings that communicate with the osteoblastic cells of the bone itself. Osteocyte

They have a sensory mechanism that allows them to capture the body’s needs. In other words, they receive the mechanical loads that affect the bones and send out the corresponding signals to meet the specific needs of the body. It can be said that osteocytes allow the preservation of bone tissue vitality.

At the same time, these cells act in accordance with osteoblasts and osteoclasts so that all bone tissue can fulfill its specific functions. The role of osteocytes is crucial in bone mineralization and in the balance between the minerals that form it. Osteocyte

Osteocytes and bone regeneration

Biochemical mechanisms related to osteocytes are responsible for bone regeneration. In this sense, bone is a tissue that regenerates itself and because of this trauma and fractures in the skeleton can be healed. Bone regeneration is based on three fundamental pillars: adequate physical activity , a healthy and balanced diet supplemented with calcium and a dose of vitamin C so that the bone  collagen can absorb the necessary minerals. Osteocyte

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