What is Organic Waste definition/concept

We call organic residues to all elements from living beings that must be eliminated, however, they are exposed to a decomposition process . This type of waste must receive special treatment, as they can carry diseases or otherwise contaminate the  environment in a notorious way. Any type of residue from living beings, whether of animal or vegetable nature, can be included in this group. Organic Waste

Organic waste must be identified while transported within society. This circumstance helps to avoid unnecessary risks. In the case of hospitals, organic waste is usually burned as a preventive measure because of its high level of danger. Once neutralized, the waste is usually deposited in open-air landfills on the outskirts of the city.

In some cases, organic waste can be reused in order to obtain some kind of benefit. One of the ways to accomplish this task is to use fertilizer to grow vegetables, generating nutrient-rich soil from a simple treatment. Another type of treatment can be the production of gas to be used as energy , so the decomposition of organic waste in certain circumstances generates the so-called swamp gas, which is characterized by its combustion capacity. In some cases, specific residues can also be used to feed certain types of animals. Organic Waste

Organic residues are often elements that, due to being mistreated, are capable of producing large amounts of contamination. In this sense and as an example, it may be interesting to explain the way in which a watercourse can be affected by the contamination caused by this type of waste. When elements from organisms come into contact with water, the fermentation process it runs its course in the same way as in a terrestrial environment, with the exception that under certain circumstances the oxygen in the water is consumed. In fact, decaying bacteria consume oxygen when its level of contamination is very high in aquatic life and is affected by the death of different organisms that inhabited there. In the event that its final decomposition is carried out in the earth, contamination of the subterranean sheets is always present. That’s why it’s extremely important to control it effectively. Organic Waste

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