What is Organic Food/meaning/concept

Most of the commonly consumed food is industrialized in advance and in some cases it is directly transgenic products, that is, genetically manipulated. However, not all food has this origin, as some producers and consumers bet on natural foods, also known as organic food.

A general idea of ​​organic food

Organic food means all products made using traditional methods. To get organic food, it is necessary that the farmer and the rancher first refuse the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In other words, we are talking about ecological production , one that is based on respect for the environment . It can be said that consumers who choose this form of food want to know what they are eating.

At the same time, organic food is associated with the consumption of seasonal products, a natural diet and a healthy lifestyle, for example, in gastronomy there is talk of the slow food chain, an approach based on traditional food and the pleasure of eating , something that is opposed to fast food or fast consumer industrial food.

Organic food generally involves a higher production cost, a circumstance that affects the final price paid by the consumer

This higher price is logically a major inconvenience to its viability. Producers get fewer benefits and consumers make the shopping basket more expensive.

Organic food is at the same time a commitment to local and fresh products that are not subject to industrial processes. Those who defend the consumption of organic food understand that their bet is respectful of the environment and responsible agriculture .

non-organic food

Processed foods with technological criteria are not necessarily worse, but it is a different approach in relation to food. If we think about the chickens we normally buy, their eggs are treated in incubators and vaccinated with a triple purpose: a higher production, an increase in economic benefit and a reduction in the death rate of the animals due to the reduction of infectious diseases. This simple example reminds us that non-organic food also has a number of associated advantages.

The debate between the two food proposals have different aspects, as they are related to the economy , the sustainability of the planet, health and the way of understanding life.

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