What is Optometry definition/concept

Optometry is the technology responsible for eye health, especially for all aspects related to measuring vision: grading glasses and contact lenses, early detection, visual functionalities and, definitely, everything related to health, but not to medical point of view and yes from the measurement parameters (the term optometry adds the suffix metrics which means measurement).

While the ophthalmologist is concerned with vision in general, the optometry professional works to improve the visual quality of patients through corrective techniques of vision.

Ophthalmology and optometry are related and complementary areas. In practice, an ophthalmologist can turn to an optometrist and vice versa.

Optometry-Specific Tasks and Career Opportunities

Optometry goes beyond a simple fitting of glasses or contact lenses. In fact, this discipline addresses the prevention, detection and correction of different visual anomalies.

Optometry has several specific areas: low vision, contactology, binocular vision, eye pathology or campimetry. All of them aim to improve the patient’s vision until a technical solution is found for their visual limitation.

As for career opportunities, the main one is working from a standpoint. Professionals in this sector can also work in eye clinics or in the areas of occupational health, road safety or ergonomics.

low vision

There are people with visual acuity lower than 10% and with a very reduced visual field. These anomalies are detected by an ophthalmologist, but it is the optometrist who must find a technical solution for the patient to make the most of the rest of their vision. Optometry

It should be noted that in a large number of cases of low vision it is possible to rehabilitate the patient through various optical aids: magnifying glasses, virtual reality systems , computer- accessible software , an improvement in the contrast of the reading support , use of telescopes, as well as other devices or strategies to maximize low vision.

pediatric optometry

The detection of eye problems in childhood is essential. Because of this, there is a discipline responsible for the vision of children: pediatric optometry. Professionals in this field perform a series of  tests: the oculovestibular reflex, the cochleo-palpebral reflex, the preferential gaze  test to determine visual acuity, the optokinetic drum, among others.

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