What is Offense definition/concept/elaboration

Offense is a type of manifestation by which an individual feels insulted or disqualified. The victim of this type of attack (the offended one) has been mistreated, belittled, and therefore offended.

The idea of ​​offense shows that the victim understands that he suffers from injustice and that the words spoken against him are false and slanderous.

In social relationships, offense is understood as lack of respect for others.

It is not just a mistake or lack of politeness , but a verbal aggression. In fact, it can also be an offense, as an infamy is an attack on individual honor. On the other hand, insulting or mistreating someone is another case of offense.

The concept of offense also indicates a provocative attitude on the part of the person who performs it, as well as it is possible that it provokes some kind of reaction as a defense.

The offense generates some emotional disturbance in the affected person and even creates a discrediting of their social image .

Cultural errors and misinterpretations

The offense is not always intentional. When an individual is in a country that he does not know and with different customs, he can make offensive mistakes by doing something that is not acceptable according to established customs or traditions. For this reason, it is recommended that in an unknown place what one seeks is to imitate the usual patterns and thus avoid possible offenses. In some countries, not respecting religious beliefs is assessed as unacceptable aggression, a difficult issue to understand when you have an open mind in which freedom of expression prevails .

Thus, these two concepts of freedom of expression and offense often contradict each other. Some consider that freedom has no limits and others understand that their beliefs are outraged. In this sense, we know that the idea of ​​sin consists of an action contrary to God and to those who feel offended by the action committed.

Certain behaviors are associated with the offense, although for some this is debatable.

This is what happens with praise (directed at women and sometimes in a crude way). This type of praise is a tradition in Spain and also in some Latin American  countries, which in some cases is understood as an offense.

The offense is not just something relative, it depends on the sensitivity of each individual. If a person is often offended, they are likely to be very touchy or passive.

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