What is Octopus definition/concept/elaboration

This animal, whose scientific name is octopus vulgaris, belongs to the cephalopod kingdom. They can measure more than a meter in length, weigh 15 kilos and have a wingspan of more than a meter and a half. They usually live for a maximum of two years and their reproduction is of a sexual type, where the female dies after expelling the eggs.

It is one of the animals that best adapts to its surroundings and this particularity is achieved by changing the color of its body or by changing the texture and shape of its skin in a few seconds. This transforming capacity is possible due to its chromatophore organs.

The octopus moves slowly across the seabed using its characteristic tentacles, with which it can grab small crustaceans for food . Its mouth has a strong chitinous beak that can break the shell of a crustacean.

Their powerful senses allow them to hunt in deep darkness or detect the distance of other predators’ movements. These invertebrate animals have relatively large brains, similar to birds and reptiles. Its ability to learn is remarkable and in this sense it is one of the few animals that can learn new rules of conduct. Octopus

Attention-grabbing data

The octopus is an animal that attracts attention for several reasons:

1) it has three hearts, in such a way that one pumps blood with oxygen and the other two transport the blood to its respiratory organs: the gills;

2) their blood is blue, as they use the hemocyanin molecule and not hemoglobin to transport oxygen;

3) as a defense weapon they use a potent toxin: cephalotoxin (this substance causes paralysis in their prey);

4) in each of its cups there are 10,000 sensory cells;

5) has a vision perfectly adapted to its environment due to the quadrangular structure of its pupil;

6) females have larger tentacles than males;

7) if food is lacking for a long period of time, it may eat its own tentacles. Octopus

Non-cephalopod octopuses

If a man has the habit of groping women as a form of sexual conquest, he is likely to be called an octopus. In this way, the cephalopod tentacles serve as a metaphor to indicate human behavior .

This play on words is very common, as we cannot forget that we popularly say that a person has the eyes of an eagle, lives a dog’s life, speaks like a parrot, has the memory of an elephant or is a weird animal. The animal world is a constant inspiration to describe people’s strengths or weaknesses. Octopus

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