What is Octane definition/concept/elaboration

Gasoline used as fuel has different prices and qualities, depending on the octane used.

octane gas

To measure the strength of gasoline and resist high temperatures, this gas is used. Thus, to measure its resistance, one must compare the behavior of gasoline with the mixture of gases. In this way, when it is said that gasoline has 80% gas, it means that it behaves like a mixture of gases in which there is 80% gas.

There are two types of it inside a vehicle’s engine: engine octane and front octane. The former are measured at 900 revolutions per minute and heat the mixture to 150 degrees Celsius. The seconds measure the components of crude oil that change to a gaseous state in the distillation.


The power of the engines of the means of transport increases depending on the octane rating. This is because its level improves engine combustion. It should be noted that better combustion involves fuel economy, low emissions of toxic gases and, in addition, the engine remains in better condition.

Engines and octane evolved in parallel

The evolution of engines is directly related to the quality of the octane of gasoline. Thus, up to 70, the vehicles generally have one relative low compression and therefore it is used was low. With the emergence of new technologies applied to engines, there was a need to increase the its rating.

Regarding the octane rating that should be used, drivers should consult the vehicle’s user manual, which specifies the most convenient type of octane rating. When an inadequate octane rating is used, the engine piston suffers and can cause deterioration. In any case, the type of octane used must be indicated by the vehicle manufacturer.

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