What is Noosphere definition/concept

In traditional science , different dimensions of the planet can be contemplated. There is the geosphere , the biosphere, the hydrosphere or the atmosphere. For some, there is another dimension, the noosphere. Those who believe in the existence of a noosphere claim that the Earth is a living being endowed with intelligence.

This word is a neologism formed by the term noos, which means knowledge, and spheare or sphere. There are mainly two thinkers who defend the existence of a noosphere: Vladimir Vernadski and Theillard de Chardin.

Traditional biology denies the existence of a noosphere

The Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old. Initially, the geosphere was created, that is, the set of tectonic plates and continents. Later, the hydrosphere or set of oceans was formed.

Likewise, both the atmosphere and the biosphere allowed the appearance of the most varied forms of life on the planet.

Those who defend the existence of a noosphere consider that the evolution of the planet necessarily corresponds to the existence of a living being.

Like any other living being, the Earth has self-regulating mechanisms, reacts to external stimuli and, more especially, reacts to the action of the Sun. However, from the perspective of conventional biology, for an organism to be considered alive it must to be born from another living being and reproduce.

Consequently, for the scientific community the belief in a noosphere is a theoretical model of a pseudoscientific type.

The noosphere or mind of our planet comes to be a new evolutionary period for Earth. For the planet to remain synchronized, it must have its own intelligence that rationally organizes everything that exists.

It would work similarly to the human brain

Just as our brains process a series of  data, the noosphere also has its own ability to organize everything that happens on Earth.

The consciousness of the noosphere is not located at a specific point, as is the case with the connection between the mind and the brain. The supposed mind of the world is not found here or there and can be found everywhere in turn.

Those who defend the one-world mind thesis claim that the various fundamental forces (eg, the force of gravity or the electromagnetic force) are governed by a superior mind. In this sense, every cell in our organism would be connected to the noosphere.

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