What is Noble Eightfold Path definition/concept

The teachings of Buddhism are primarily focused on some values ​​or moral principles, such as compassion, benevolence or respect for all forms of life, more especially, for love. At the same time, there is a deep yearning for individual awakening, which is known as nirvana. Noble Eightfold Path

The so-called Noble Eightfold Path is a proposal to free us from suffering

In Buddhism it is said that the cause of pain lies in desire and therefore pain disappears when we are able to eliminate the associated desire. However, this process is not easily achieved, being necessary to follow a path of liberation. This path is precisely the noble eightfold path.

The symbol that represents this proposal of liberation is the wheel of dharma, that is, a wheel with eight spokes. Each of them is a way to achieve the expulsion of suffering in the human soul.

The eight steps to walk the path to full release from pain

In the first place , we must incorporate a correct view of reality . This means understanding the intimate relationship between pain and desire. At the same time, it means that we must distinguish between what we see and what actually exists. Noble Eightfold Path

Second, we think correctly when we adopt a committed attitude toward ourselves. In other  words, we think with criteria based on love and understanding.

We speak correctly when our  words are sincere. Frivolous conversations and hypocritical language distract us from this path.

Right action is one that does not cause others to suffer. In this sense, Buddhism believes that violence , theft and sexual abuse are deviant behavior.

A right way of life is one that favors spiritual growth in some sense. Consequently, certain professions or activities are inadequate paths for a harmonious life. Thus, when a person has a definite and sincere vocation , he should not give it up because it is not economically profitable. Noble Eightfold Path

We make a right effort when we are able to foresee harmful situations and when we feed on healthy thoughts.

Attention is right when we are fully aware of ourselves, others, and the world around us.

Meditation is another spoke of the wheel of dharma. The practice of meditation should be directed towards understanding the essence of oneself. Noble Eightfold Path

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