What is Ninjutsu definition/concept/elaboration

Ninjutsu is a Japanese martial art that does not have a sporting or competitive character, as it is a set of combat techniques formerly used in military confrontation.

It is characterized by a wide range of skills: hand slashing techniques, handling sticks, spears and darts, use of explosives and poisons, knowledge of meteorology and geography, espionage strategies and camouflage methods. The practitioners of the art of ninjutsu were the illustrious ninja warriors.

While the samurai behaved according to a strict code of honor or bushido, the ninja were specialists in dirty warfare.

In the Middle Ages, the so-called warlords or Daimiô kept constant territorial disputes. In this context, the most valued elite warriors were the samurai, who were characterized by their skill in combat and their strict code of honor that prevented them from practicing any kind of dirty game. In the popular classes, another type of totally different warriors emerged: the ninjas. For a ninja there are no moral rules that must be respected, as the important thing is to beat the enemy at any cost.

In addition to their ninjutsu skills, they know how to infiltrate enemy factions, manipulate information and camouflage themselves. It can be said that they are both warriors and spies at the same time. In the ninja factions there were also female warriors and were known as kunoichis. Her training focused on knowledge of spying techniques and the preparation of poisons, as it was understood that female seduction and beauty combined with some kind of knowledge could be lethal weapons for war.

Between the 17th and 19th centuries, Japanese authorities stopped using ninjas as highly skilled soldiers and ninjutsu became a clandestine and secret activity. However, during World War II this martial art recovered and was used in the training of elite troops. In the Western world, ninja warriors became known in the 1960s and eventually became fictional characters for the Hollywood industry.

In Japan there are schools of ninjutsu and they are known by the name of Bujinkan

The ancient ninjutsu techniques employed by ninjas adapted to times of peace. In Japanese Bujinkan schools, the martial art of ninjutsu is understood as physical and mental training aimed at self-protection and self-control.

In Bujinkan schools, other traditional Japanese martial arts are also practiced, such as judo, kendo and some modalities related to military combat techniques. However, there are no conventional competitions between practitioners. The founder of the Bujinkan schools is Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi, a deep connoisseur of the true history of ninjas.

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