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In the sports world, one of the most prominent commercial brands is Nike. Its activity is focused on the design, sale and distribution of sporting goods, especially footwear. Currently, there are more than 700 factories around the world related to this brand, and in 2017 it already had more than 55,000 employees.

The Nike logo was created by a young graphic design  student who received no less than $35 for her design . The largest commercial establishment of the company is located in the city of London, specifically in Oxford Street.

Its logo is internationally known and its creator, Carolyn Davidson, was inspired by the goddess of victory in Greek mythology.

The history of this brand officially began in 1971, but previously Nike’s business project had another name, “Blue Ribbon Sports”. Its propellant was Phil Knight, an accounting professor and former University of Oregon team athlete. Joining him was an athletic trainer who became the company’s co-founder, Bill Bowerman.

Their alliance was a perfect blend : Knight was a young man with entrepreneurial dreams and Bowerman one of the best athletic trainers in the United States, obsessed with perfecting tennis.

The brand’s big commercial leap took place in 1972. Before the Munich Olympics, Nike’s co-founders decided to try out new shoes with the promise of American athlete Steve Prefontaine. This runner took part in the 5000 meter event at the Munich Olympics and was the first to wear Nike shoes (even though Prefontaine failed to win the race, he was an idol of the crowds and became a sporting myth when he died after a car accident in 1975).

A Killer’s Last Words Has Become One of the Most Recognized Advertising Messages Worldwide

The famous slogan “Just do it” was not a common invention of advertisers, in fact it was the last sentence uttered by a man sentenced to death when asked to say his last words. This was in 1976, when Gary Gilmore was about to be executed.

A luxury sports shoe related to the exploitation of children

The Nike brand represents business success. Great athletes wear their sports clothes and shoes, so millions of people around the world buy their products.

However, the company finds itself in a dirty business : its factories in Asia employ child labor. Those responsible for Nike have always denied this type of statement.

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