What is Night of Broken Crystals ( Kristallnacht) definition/concept

Anti-Semitism (hatred of Jews) is not an invention of the Nazis, it has existed for millennia and has been demonstrated with greater or lesser cruelty throughout history. Night of Broken Crystals

Among the episodes of terror against the Jews (we can call the long list of atrocities against the Jews “pogrom”), the most significant one perpetrated by the Nazis before the start of the war is the so-called “Night of Broken Crystals”, in German, Kristallnacht .

The Night of Broken Crystals consisted of a series of acts of vandalism committed by the Nazis against the Jewish people and their property, on the night of 9-10 November 1938

These acts consisted of both lynchings and the destruction and theft of the property of citizens considered Jewish under Nazi racial laws (it should be noted that these citizens were, after all, German), as they were spontaneously perpetrated with the regime, but after that they reached out to the Nazi party NSDAP and the Reich government as organizers.

In all these events, the forces of security of the state (both the police and the army and firefighters) were left out, leaving free the crowd that committed acts of vandalism. Night of Broken Crystals

The excuse for the pogrom was the murder, two days earlier, of a German diplomat in Paris, at the hands of a young Jewish man.

The family of the latter was stripped of their property and expelled from Germany, suffering for weeks an ordeal on the German-Polish border, as the authorities of the latter country did not accept all refugees.

Faced with the desperate situation, the young Herschel Grynszpan appeared on November 7, 1938 at the German embassy in Paris and fired several shots, killing one of his employees.

The Reich government, hostile to the Jewish community, took advantage of this fact to further fuel the flame of anti-Semitism, bringing about this violent action.

Synagogues were burned across the country (the German-Austria union was also incorporated into the Reich), cemeteries were destroyed, commerce looted, private homes robbed, and an unknown number of people were murdered, a figure historians believe to be of hundreds of victims. Night of Broken Crystals

To further humiliation, after Kristallnacht, the German government blamed the Jews for what happened, carrying out numerous arrests and forcing the Jewish community to bear the costs of repair.

Internationally, news of events in the Reich was met with severe criticism throughout most of the world, prompting several countries to withdraw their ambassadors, but in practice the international community did little or nothing to improve the condition of Jews under Nazi obedience ; the number of immigrants from Germany or the controlled territories in other parts of the world did not increase. Night of Broken Crystals

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