What is Night Horror definition/concept

It is a sleep disorder that causes restless awakenings accompanied by a feeling of panic and great confusion. The exact cause of this reaction is unknown, but it is believed to be related to several circumstances: lack of sleep, periods of emotional imbalance, stress or fever. The horror night is integrated within a group of sleep disorders, parasomnias.

Some of the most common are: sleepwalking, enuresis and nocturnal bruxism (the latter consists of involuntary clenching your teeth).

It is quite common among children aged 3 to 7 years old.

Although adults can also have this change, it is more common in children. Associated reactions are as follows: screaming, feeling distressed, sweating heavily, and breathing heavily. Episodes last approximately ten or fifteen minutes. Most children have difficulty explaining the effects of this feeling of panic. Night Horror

When night terrors are prolonged, it is advisable that the child be treated psychologically. It should be noted that this disorder most often occurs during the first third of the night.

Sleep experts advise some recommendations to prevent this type of disorder : establish a bedtime routine and prevent children from watching programs with violent or horror-related content.

nightmares and night terrors

Although these two sleep disorder s cause anguish and discomfort, they are not the same type of phenomenon. A nightmare is a dream with unpleasant content, while night terror is unrelated to the dream‘s content. Night Horror

other sleep disorders

Insomnia is the difficulty in falling asleep. Although it is quite common to occur in times related to personal concerns, in some cases one suffers from chronic insomnia . Night Horror

Daytime hypersomnia or daytime sleepiness is the tendency to have sleep throughout the day. It usually manifests itself during routine activities. In the most severe cases, it has a negative impact on quality of life .

Narcolepsy is a strange behavior, as people with this disorder fall asleep suddenly and for no apparent reason.

Sleepwalking occurs when a person walks or performs any other activity during sleep. It is a disorder usually associated with childhood and is uncommon in elderly people. Night Horror

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