What is Neuropolitics definition/concept

Today’s political activity has incorporated new strategies. In this sense, there is the so-called marketing policy. The advisers who oversee the election campaigns of political leaders deal with different types of tools: the use of social media; the candidate’s costume and way of behaving; its language; personal life and, finally, all aspects that may affect the voters’ decision. One of the newest techniques is Neuropolitics. This discipline interprets people’s neural reactions to messages from political leaders.

Knowledge of the human brain may be one of the keys to good electoral results

In our brain there are thousands of neurons that are branched and interconnected in a circuit. Neural connections generate emotions, feelings and ideals. Consequently, neuropolitics experts say that candidates’ messages generate certain reactions in the brain. Neuropolitics

Human brain connoisseurs try to understand what moves people. This means that politicians can hire a neuroscientist for the purpose of winning elections.

A discipline that seeks to influence the voter’s mind

Neuroscience has applied childhood learning in other areas with the aim of moving a child to learn something new. With this technique it is possible to encourage a child who is unmotivated by the study . This process is applied in the minds of consumers or voters. Either way, the voter buys a political product. To decide for one product or another, it is necessary to activate the emotions that drive you to make any kind of decision. It could be said that the tools of Neuropolitics try to seduce the voter. Neuropolitics

Supporters of these techniques claim that their use is legitimate and part of the political game

On the other hand, there are those who believe that these are behavior manipulation techniques with a perverse component.

Neuroscientists in the service of politics analyze which words are best suited to a candidate’s success, which gestures generate empathy in the voter’s mind, and which political attitudes convey credibility. Neuropolitics

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