What is Neoclassicism definition/concept

Neoclassicism was an artistic and literary movement that proclaimed the return of the forms and norms that marked art in antiquity. This movement enjoyed great prestige between the years 1760 and 1830 approximately, becoming the dominant trend.

After the excesses of Baroque and Rococo, defenders of this style proposed the return of Classicism, as their proposals were more rational and maintained certain lines that lasted in time, showing a universal and timeless character.

His area of ​​influence extended mainly throughout Europe and the United States, leaving traces in the prevailing literature, sculpture and decorative arts of the time. Neoclassicism

Why did Neoclassicism trifle?

The origin of Neoclassicism occurred in France, having its generalization a little later until in 1770 it became a clear reference to follow.

This generalization occurred mainly because of the confluence of three fundamental factors: the fame gained by the theoretical works of Winckelmann, Mengs, Laugier and Piranesi; the acceptance of classical style among the upper classes such as the aristocrats and the bourgeois; and finally the role of Rome as a meeting point for artists and a place for exchanging ideas.

Two archaeological discoveries were key to understanding why the classical style resurfaced: Neoclassicism

The first was the discovery of the remains of Herculaneum (1738) and Pompeya (1748) thanks to art historians who were able to delve into their works in Ancient Rome.

Its impact was immediate and inspired several artists

Thus, he began to develop a taste for including mythological themes in painting and, in turn, architecture gained subtlety and became even lighter.

On the other hand, we have the discoveries of the cities of Palmyra in Syria and Baalbeck in Lebanon, both of which have important archaeological remains of Greek origin. Neoclassicism

Thanks to these discoveries, it was possible to have a clear awareness of the evolution of artistic trends throughout history. Ancient art is no longer something almost unknown to completely return to the present.

The most faithful reflection of this style is found in France and the United States, two republics newly born in this period that decided to adopt Neoclassicism as the official style in honor of Greek democracy and the Roman republic. Neoclassicism

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