What is Nature Reserve definition/concept

The nature reserve is a geographical space  that aims to preserve different animal and plant species. She began to proliferate as a result of awareness on the part of man in relation to the protection of wildlife. In fact, the modern action of the economy and industry has resulted in some occasions. Thus, awareness shows that a human being is increasingly interconnected with nature and that he must protect it if he wants to achieve optimal living conditions. Despite being fundamentally a phenomenon typical of the last two centuries, it is also possible to find samples of this experience in antiquity, obviously based on other motivations and expectations.

Nature reserves have generally been established by governments. This circumstance explains the institutional place that natural life presents today. As a result of this, it is common that in some specimens of these areas there are men who because of their security force protect the edges of intervention from individuals with destructive purposes. One might ask who could have some kind of bad intention to risk their reputation and even their life to gain access to these places and provoke barbarities. What is certain is that these areas sometimes hold species linked to some type of economic value. So, for example, in Africa, many nature reserves have had their elephants coveted for a long time because of their ivories and which have reached exorbitant prices on the black market. Nature Reserve

Today, nature reserves extend across the world as the most efficient means of protecting endangered species. On many occasions, they are sponsored by international bodies that see the importance of the correct use of natural resources  by man. In fact, in these areas, not only species are kept for the simple fact of disinterested consideration. Many of the plant species may contain elements for use in diseases, for food , etc. Its disappearance would be a huge problem without a pertinent use to solve a problem that man can develop.

Currently, with the indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources, the presence of reserves is one of the few possibilities to protect species that otherwise would irreversibly go extinct.

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