What is Naturalization definition/concept

When a person acquires a new nationality, this process receives two names: nationalization or naturalization. For a foreign individual to obtain the nationality of a country, certain requirements must be met. Not all candidates reach their goal.

The purpose of this process is to abandon the condition of being a foreigner and, consequently, to become a citizen with the same rights as the inhabitants of a nation.

General criteria for approving a naturalization application

Although each country has its own rules for a foreigner to acquire the new nationality, there are a number of general rules that must be taken into account.

The candidate is required to reside legally in the country for a minimum of years and to be of legal age. Likewise, their economic stability and family situation are also taken into account.

Obviously, the fact of not having legal problems, such as non-payment of taxes, possible demands or problems with the police, is valued.

The cultural issue and mastery of the national language are relevant aspects, as through them it expresses the individual’s will to integrate into the new country of residence. In this sense, some countries carry out general culture tests to find out to what extent a person is fully integrated into their new community.

Naturalization by marriage

This modality is the most widespread. Thus, when a person marries someone from a country, the member of the couple of foreign origin can apply for the acquisition of a new nationality.

Naturalization Letter

When the candidate for the new nationality meets the required requirements, a staff committee assesses his definitive suitability . Finally, if accepted as a member of the host nation, the citizen of foreign origin receives a naturalization letter , usually for reasons of residence.

In most countries, the naturalization letter is not granted to those who live temporarily in the country, for example, foreign university students.

Applying for new citizenship is a common process in first world countries such as Germany, France or the United States. In order for the procedures to be carried out correctly, it is recommended that the applicant contact an immigration lawyer.

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