What is Naturalist Intelligence definition/concept

There are eight types of intelligence within Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory model. The intelligence naturalist is the eighth of this theory. Some professionals stand out clearly for their naturalistic intelligence when observing aspects of flora, fauna and natural surroundings as a wealth for existence. Biologists, botanists and veterinarians are an example of this.

Professionals not only have knowledge, but also the sensitivity to understand the laws of the natural world, including to understand the integration and harmony of human beings in this natural ecosystem.

How to develop naturalistic intelligence

This intelligence can be more developed in some people than in others, which relates to the importance of environmental awareness and shows the fight for ecology in defense of the environment . But, in addition to being a talent that can be more developed in some people than in others, it is a gift that can be developed through specific plans. Naturalist Intelligence

For example, volunteering with an animal protector, doing collaborative actions in the fight for the rights of dogs, or adopting an animal to care for and give it a better life. Organizing field trips and taking landscape photographs is also a good way to develop naturalistic intelligence through the visual power of the image.

Planting a tree and caring for the flowers in a garden are simple actions that educate the sensitivity to be more receptive to this naturalistic intelligence. Likewise, organize nature walks while enjoying the sounds of the environment , for example, the sound of animals and the light of the landscape.

Why is naturalistic intelligence needed?

Among the recommended leisure activities to connect with the force of natural law, you can also schedule a visit to the botanical garden or the zoo.

Naturalistic intelligence is very positive to observe the evolution of landscapes in different seasons, to identify possible extinction risk of a certain type of animal, to identify risk factors for environmental contamination, including to express in companies the importance of sustainable ecology and promote ethical decisions in the care of the environment. It is also a necessary intelligence to protect the planet from climate change. Naturalist Intelligence

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