What is Mysticism definition/concept/elaboration

The concept of mysticism is directly related to the notion of religion that each person carries within himself and which has to do with the connection that an individual can establish with everything that is not terrestrial or material.

Mysticism is the phenomenon by which people are able to know what is meant by God in a direct and particular way. Mysticism often happens through very intimate and private connections between the subject and the spiritual, so the practices and rituals officially established by the various existing churches may not be so useful in each case.

Mysticism is the moment when a person combines the best of the material world with the ethereal world, what we cannot rationally understand and that no one can explain through science

As mentioned, mysticism is something very particular to each person and each religion. This is because mysticism is understood as a phenomenon that relates to the depths of each person, so there are no rules or parameters that can more comprehensively guide such feelings .

Today’s most important churches and religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam have their ways of expressing mysticism, each defining its particular way of connecting with God, who guides its faithful. 

Words like miracles or stigmas are used to denote different types of phenomena that may occur in reality , to prove the maximum connection between God and the individual. Sometimes both miracles and stigmas are inexplicable and rational signs, but understandable in terms of feelings and signs of emotion .

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