What is Mycology definition/concept/elaboration

Although several species of fungi and mushrooms have a similar appearance to plants, in reality they constitute a realm independent of the living beings, the kingdom fungi. The discipline that studies these species is called Mycology. This term comes from the Greek word mykes, which means fungus and from logy which is equivalent to science or knowledge .

Characteristics of the fungi kingdom

  • – Unlike vegetables, fungi cannot produce their own food using sunlight, therefore, they do not carry out photosynthesis (species in the fungi kingdom feed on decaying plant species and, therefore, are heterotrophic). Mycology
  • – This kingdom has some characteristics closer to the animal world. Thus, fungi have mitochondria and not chloroplasts, on the other hand, their cell walls have chitin (this substance is also present in crustaceans and arachnids).
  • – Fungi are formed by hyphae. These structural units grow and branch, thus forming the mycelium.
  • – Fungi are classified into two major beings: multicellular and unicellular (for example, yeasts). On the other hand, these organisms present themselves at both the microscopic and macroscopic levels.
  • – As for the distinction between fungus and mushroom, it can be said that a fungus is like a tree whose fruits are mushrooms.

relationship with man

As for its relationship with humans, there are two sides, industrial applications (for example, the production of bread), but some of these organisms are toxic and can be dangerous (the ingestion of certain fungi is related to mucosal and mucosal infection processes). to cases of poisoning). Mycology

Since ancient times mushrooms were used to poison enemies. One of the most illustrious episodes was the assassination of the Roman Emperor Claudius in the 1st century AD. C (according to the historian Suetonius, the emperor’s fourth wife exchanged the amanitas caesarea mushrooms for other poisonous ones, the phalloides amanitas).

Mushrooms are a 100% ecological product. There are lovers who are dedicated to collecting it all over the world. In order for this activity to be carried out in an organized manner, ecological parks were created to protect the diversity of species. Mycology

Adepts of mycology spread their knowledge through a double objective: to preserve the species and make the consumption of mushrooms not harmful to health.

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