What is Muse definition/concept/elaboration

The term muse is traditionally linked to the art world, and can be defined as a feminine personification of the inspiration that stimulates the artist’s creation .

On the other hand, the term muse also has a mythological meaning, since in Ancient Greece, this term was used to name the nine daughters of Apollo who were responsible for protecting the arts and science.

The Nine Greek Muses

Both the genealogy of the muses and their number varied throughout history. In the beginning, the most accepted version dealt with the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (the goddess of memory), although in time this version was deposed by the descendants of Apollo. As for their number, this has been increasing over the centuries, and at first there were only three, but later they reached nine and are still found today. Muse

It was in the writings of Hesiod that the names of the nine muses first appeared

Clio (muse of history), Euterpe (music), Calliope (epic poetry and beauty), Thalia (comedy and bucolic poetry), Urania (science and astronomy), Terpsichore ( dance ), Melpomene (tragedy), Eratus (love poetry) and Polymnia (sacred music).

Although this belief is more widespread, it is estimated that each of these muses was associated with one of the classical arts, in fact, this confusion comes from a later innovation in which the muses would again be reduced to seven and which were associated with the liberal arts. Muse

modern muses

Many artists have recognized that most of their creations are the result of the influence that some muses had on their work. These modern muses influenced several authors of art, such as certain authors of music, cinema, literature and painting.

Among the best known is the case of Gala, a model who went down in history as the muse of the poet Paul Eluard and the painter Salvador Dalí. Her influence is very evident, especially in relation to Dalí, as he portrayed her on several occasions. There are some works, such as the Virgin of Port Lligat, which is the best work of this brilliant artist. Muse

Other modern muses can be highlighted: Jeanne Hébuterne (muse of the painter Amedeo Modigliani), Catherine Deneuve (of the film director Luis Buñuel), Lee Miller (of the photographer Man Ray) and Maud Gonne (who inspired the verses of the Nobel-winning poet, Yeats William Butler).

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