What is Multilateral Organism definition/concept

The idea of ​​multilateral organization is inserted within the  context of  international relations between countries in the world, as well as presenting the term multilateralism as a synonym. Multilateral Organism

The multilateral organization is a supranational entity formed by several countries. These institutions were created after the end of World War I and, above all, after the second, as the international order was in danger and the world was divided into two blocs. The purpose of this type of body is to reach global agreements on a particular issue: trade , culture, cooperation or to keep the peace.

Its existence makes it possible to agree on specific actions and maintain a balance between the interests of each nation. These institutions seek to establish general rules to prevent possible conflicts and at the same time not let some nations impose their interests on others.

The list of multilateral organizations is extensive: UN, IMF, WTO,  World Bank, European Union . The latter emerged as an economic and political counterweight to the United States. Its fundamental characteristics are the following: a single currency, the euro, which allows the circulation of capital and a more fluid commercial relationship between its members; the free movement of citizens; shared infrastructures; common  research projects and mutual cooperation in different areas such as  agriculture, fisheries or joint cultural policies. Multilateral Organism

The multiculturalism is a consequence logic of a globalized world, where there is an interdependence between countries. The positive element of this organizational modality consists in forcing the nations to a permanent dialogue, partially preventing the excess of  power of some members over others. Despite the obvious advantages, there are also drawbacks. On the one hand, the difficulty of reaching agreements makes many problems perpetuate, for example, the confrontation of various environmental problems despite the existence of multilateral agreements. Another inconvenience is the excessive bureaucratization and the size of its organizational structures, for example, the European parliament is made up of 751 members divided into seven different political groups . Multilateral Organism

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