What is Multiculturalism definition/concept

The term multiculturalism refers to a cultural plurality that coexists harmoniously. The term is often used in some anthropological and sociological studies that try to explain how societies that have such a different cultural heritage coexist with each other. This type of circumstance was present in the past with several results to be observed, but it can also be significantly explored today. In fact, globalization can be understood largely as a process of numerous cultures that interact with each other. In time, we will know where this situation may be, but at the moment it is present and its consequences can be speculated from a positive as well as a negative point of view.

In the past, multiculturalism has been reflected in several civilizations with their own set of cultural manifestations. They refer to various situations, ranging from language to religion, including their form of relationship, the mode of economic production presented, the degree and form of artistic development, etc. When these civilizations interact with each other, several phenomena can happen, among those that present a peaceful coexistence . On certain occasions, it may even happen that the interaction causes a type of process that gradually eliminates differences and generates a kind of common culture . Multiculturalism

A typical case happened in Rome. In fact, as this civilization was in contact with many others, it came at a certain point to incorporate many of the advances and cultural characteristics of other peoples. Thus, gods, ways of producing art, some institutions, etc., from other neighboring peoples that could be conquered were accepted. This made multiculturalism create a kind of culture that brought together elements of this variety.

Today, with globalization, we can see how a similar process takes place before our eyes. This time it is not managed by a particular group, but because of the profound technological and economic transformations that distances become increasingly smaller and bring different cultures that were previously forgotten closer together. This circumstance refers to multiculturalism in a way that it presents many cultural variants of peoples with different histories, but also because of a kind of homogeneity that happens gradually but steadily. No doubt this type of process will deepen in the future.

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