What is Motherboard definition/concept

The term motherboard refers to an integrated circuit board that serves as the basis for incorporating the components of a computer . The motherboard is characterized by having slots, slots and slots that basically serve for certain elements such as memories, processors and storage devices to be integrated. The motherboard has had great evolution since its introduction in home computers. In fact, its development grew when computers were no longer expensive and adapted to everyday reality . Thus, the motherboard became a fundamental component of personal computers due to the ease of being able to incorporate and coordinate new technological components.

The motherboard is related to the structure of computers. In fact, from a logical point of view, the computer was designed to serve as an interaction between a logical arithmetic unit and its memories. Thus, every instruction is given by memory and stored by the processor. On the other hand, they had different physical components and the need to integrate them through a structure.

The motherboard allows the replacement of computer components when they become obsolete or break. Thus, it is possible to exchange parts without modifying the entire equipment; in fact, the motherboard itself is a part to be replaced. This type of circumstance greatly benefited its structure when it was accepted in the market. Thus, the fact of keeping a computer on the axis of a motherboard became a standard that is still maintained today.

Motherboards have several channels through which the internal data from the processor and memories circulate, and also connect the storage units. In addition to these channels, there are also others through which the electricity that feeds the various components circulates .

Currently, there is a question about the future of motherboards regarding their relationship with other components. In fact, in the past and even today, the motherboard has a socket that can fit a variety of CPUs. However, there are some rumors and initiatives for this circumstance to change in the future with the commercialization of soldered boards in the processor.

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