What is Mossad definition/concept/elaboration

A part of Israel’s intelligence services is formed by the Mosad or Mossad agency. This body was founded in 1949, a year after the birth of the nation of Israel.

Like any other intelligence service , the Mossad deals with espionage and counter-espionage to protect Israel’s interests inside and outside its borders. In the field of intelligence services, the Mossad is considered an institution, both for the preparation of its agents and for its effectiveness. Agent training takes place for three years at an academy called Midrasha, located in the city of Herzliya. The highest ranking Mossad officers are known as katsas.

The Mossad and the Eichmann case

When the State of Israel achieved its independence, the secret services began to “hunt” Nazi leaders who remained hidden under a false identity. The purpose of these operations was to capture those responsible Nazis and bring them to trial as war criminals. One of the Nazis in the Mossad’s crosshairs was Adolf Eichmann, a German SS lieutenant colonel who was involved in the extermination of the Jews. The same was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, posing as an immigrant.

Nevertheless, in 1960, Mossad agents tracked him down and kidnapped him for the purpose of bringing him to Israel’s justice and prosecuting him for his crimes. It should be noted that Eichmann’s location was made possible by the denunciation of a neighbor of his, who was a German immigrant of Jewish origin and even more blind.

After the initial track, the Mossad captured Eichman walking the streets of Buenos Aires and took him to Israel

During the trial, the Nazi leader defended himself before the court, claiming that he was not guilty of anything, as he simply obeyed the orders of his superiors. However, the court judges considered that there was conclusive evidence that accused Eichmann of genocide and for this reason he was sentenced to death by hanging.

Revenge against those responsible for the Munich Massacre

During the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, eleven Israeli athletes were killed by members of the terrorist group Black September, an organization linked to the Palestine Liberation Organization. The Israeli government decided to punish those responsible for the massacre and the Mossad launched an international operation to kill each of the terrorists involved.

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