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From a strictly geographical point of view, the mound is an elevation of the terrain. Its height is greater than that of a simple hill, but less than that of a mountain. Despite this difference, in practice, hill and mountain are used in different ways. Monte

Hill management

The territories and the forest mass of the hills are generally managed by public entities. Through them, norms and regulations are established to regulate the economic, social and environmental aspects of forest areas.

Currently, the concept of sustainable management has been highlighted . In this sense, for the area of ​​a hill to be sustainable it must meet two requirements: that the natural resources remain stable and that the forest mass can assimilate the emission of possible residues. Monte

The management of forest resources includes hydrological, landscape and especially related aspects to species biodiversity. The professionals who are dedicated to this type of task are, of course, the engineers of the hills (foresters). Its activity covers all types of aspects: reforestation, study of fauna and flora, forest pests, soil erosion, topographical assessments, etc.

The idea of ​​heap can be expressed in different ways

A small rise in the terrain is known as a mound, also called a hill or hill. If the elevation of the terrain is steeper, it is called a mountain, which can be low, medium or high. The mountain is usually higher than a hill but lower than a peak. The lowest point between two mountains is known as a hill. The groups mountains are called hills or ridges. As can be seen, the same geographic phenomenon has very different terms. Monte

Activity on the hill

Since antiquity the mount was considered a unique place , as normally its lands did not have an owner, but belonged to the community ; for this reason they spoke of the communal hills. Monte

The hill has been and is a grazing place for cattle. In addition, it is possible to carry out all kinds of tasks, such as logging, cork and resin collection. Hunters ventured out to obtain hunting pieces. It is a frequented place for lovers of trails, flora and wildlife. Monte

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