What is Montblanc definition/concept

Some commercial brands focus their strategy on offering select products. Germany’s Montblanc has this focus, as its items are of high quality and offered for sale at prices that are not exactly popular. Its product range is wide: writing instruments, watches, leather accessories and gift items.

The brand is part of the Richemont Group, one of the most important companies in the world of luxury goods.

In addition to business activity, there is the Montblanc Foundation. This entity promotes creative activities and supports educational programs in collaboration with UNICEF. Likewise, in 2013, the Power of Words project was launched to promote Nelson Mandela’s legacy .

Quality and good service are the company’s identity signs

Montblanc items come at a high price for a reason: they are handcrafted. At Montblanc maintenance centers , customers can find solutions to their needs.

All products offered include a guarantee letter and are completely securely packaged. One of its outstanding services is product personalization (for example, the customer can request that a pen have their name engraved).

A little of history

This company began its trajectory in the German city of Hamburg, in 1906, when three partners joined forces: an engineer from Berlin (August Eberstein), a banker from Hamburg (Alfred Nehemias) and a dedicated stationery merchant (Claus-Johannes Yours). Initially they partnered to manufacture ballpoint pens and for this they received the inspiration of some they saw in New York and that incorporated a small ink magazine. In an establishment in the city of Hamburg, in 1909, the first Montblanc pen was launched on the market, with its characteristic white cap.

In a short space of time, the new fountain pen achieved remarkable sales success because its writing was clean and the ink glided smoothly. In the following years, new establishments were opened in Germany and in major European cities.

In 1924, a fountain pen that would eventually become an icon of the brand appeared, the Montblanc Meisterstück (on its gold rings the number 4810 is engraved, which refers to the exact height of the Mont Blanc mountain).

In 2006, the company’s centenary was celebrated with an original presentation: a diamond carved in the shape of the six rounded tips of its commercial logo. With this announcement a new project within the luxury jewelry market began.

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