What is Monster definition/concept/elaboration

In the world of science fiction the monster is a character that frightens and frightens. Therefore, it is a frequent character in the horror genre . In real life monsters don’t exist, however children are especially vulnerable to night terrors.

Some children suffer from the darkness of the night and are afraid to sleep alone in their rooms, as they imagine ghosts and even have nightmares, where the monster is the protagonist. Without a doubt , the growth process represents the overcoming of fears.

Currently, the title of the film directed by Juan Antonio Bayona is called “A monster comes to see me”. Besides this, one of the best known monsters is Loch Ness. Monster

horror genre

Undoubtedly, the fiction genre has a different entity from reality . However, the science fiction that has so much prominence in cinema and literature is a means of inspiration for life itself. That is, in many cases, science fiction is a formula that allows us to reflect philosophically on the world.

The truth is that although monsters don’t exist in reality, on the contrary, they do exist in emotional terms. That is, every human being, even in adulthood, has their own inner fears and ghosts. In this context, the monster is a metaphor for everything that causes an irrational fear in human beings, something that robs them of their well-being. Monster

By analogy this concept can also be used as an adjective to qualify evil behavior as monstrous. Sometimes this adjective is also used to describe the ugliness of something or a situation.

the monsters of the unconscious

Monsters cause suffering in the form of nightmares. They are not real, but when we have a turbulent dream we suffer as if it were real. At times these internal ghosts are a direct effect of auto-suggestion. In other words, it’s possible that after watching a horror movie, that viewer who is especially vulnerable to this type of movie will feel somewhat impacted during the first few days. Monster

From a coaching point of view, each human being must identify their own monsters. That is, everything you avoid because you are afraid. For people with phobia, the figure of a monster is something that panics.

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