What is Monitoring definition/concept/elaboration

The monitor is a screen that makes it possible to see images of something that is happening in real time. This type of screen is connected to one or several cameras that transmit the images directly. Consequently, the action of watching a monitor for some purpose is known as monitoring.

Security as the main function

The main application of most monitored actions is surveillance of a place in order to maintain security and control. There are many places that employ this technology, such as airports, casinos or even some streets to ensure public safety . If there is any incident in these types of spaces (for example, a robbery) the monitoring system allows you to retrieve the images and, therefore, it is possible to clarify exactly what happened.

In the area of ​​medicine

Current medicine uses monitoring in several ways:

1) to supervise the status of critically ill patients in intensive surveillance units;

2) to perform certain medical tests;

3) to transmit data from one place to another;

4) to perform remote surgical interventions.

Medical terminology speaks of respiratory, cardiac, neurological monitoring, in relation to childbirth, among others. With these devices it is possible to visualize information through a network system.

Other applications

Monitoring has applications in all kinds of contexts. It is useful in fire prevention, plantation control, traffic monitoring , airspace control or in connection with a work activity.

Although monitoring is a very useful tool, in certain cases it is considered an instrument for the surveillance of individuals, for this reason, some understand that the use of this technology is contrary to the right to privacy.

Social observatories are intended to monitor a reality

Certain social realities are permanently studied and evaluated. This is what happens with gender violence , social inequalities or educational issues. These realities need an operative to effectively control what is happening and that is why the term monitoring is used. It is not about installing surveillance monitors, but about employing a series of techniques to supervise what is intended to be attended to. Data analysis or surveys are some of the most common tools used by social observatories.

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