What is Modern Dance definition/concept

Dance is one of the classic fine arts . Through movement and rhythm, dancers express their emotions and feelings . Each dance is associated with a specific moment. Some of them are part of a ritual, others are a simple pastime and, in most circumstances, this form of artistic expression is destined for the world of entertainment. Modern Dance

When we talk about dance, this discipline is divided into two broad categories: classical dance or ballet and modern dance. The latter emerged at the beginning of the 20th century as a reaction to the traditional patterns of classical ballet. In general, modern dance is inspired by freedom of movement.

Characteristics of modern dance

The dancers’ bodily expression is not subject to certain pre-structured steps. However, modern dance is the result of the evolution of classical dance.

The techniques employed emphasize natural body movements as well as expressive body language .

Among the most used techniques, the Graham technique and the Horton technique stand out. The first is based on contraction and relaxation and is intended to convey emotions to the viewer. The second is based on the dancers’ physical strength and the expressiveness of their movements. Modern Dance

The great promoter of this genre was the dancer and choreographer Isadora Duncan (1877-1927)

His artistic approach can be summarized in the following points:

1) break with traditional ballet patterns;

2) body movements inspired by expressionism and other avant-garde currents of his time, as well as classical Greek art;

3) a staging with essential elements and, therefore, minimalist; Modern Dance

4) dancers abandon make-up and classic clothes;

5) Dancers’ body language does not depend on the music;

6) dance movements must express the desire for freedom from the human condition (in this sense, for Isadora Duncan, dance was a tool to achieve the emancipation of women).

This dancer’s vision revolutionized the dance world and her legacy was expressed in her book “The art of dance and other writings”.

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